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What You Need to Know About Blown and Cast Film Extrusion Training

The advancement in technology has made a lot of consumers look for products that are not that expensive yet will be able to last for a long time. Many of the consumers these days are looking for products that can offer a high return of performance but is still affordable. This is the very reason why many manufacturers are looking for different materials that can offer these kinds of benefits. One of the materials available in the market is a stretch film or also known as a stretch wrap. This is widely utilized when transporting or load storing different items. And when it comes to product packaging then it is these materials that can provide protection which is the reason why many manufacturers opt for them. Stretch films have been widely used for pallet warping. It has been proven by many consumers and manufacturers when it comes to its reliability. Stretch films have been very effective when it comes to protecting different products against moisture, dust, and all kinds of dirt. Another great thing about the material is that it is also very versatile when it comes to its applications. That is why for people looking for multifaceted wrapping then stretch film is the way to go.

Once you take a look at stretch films then you are able to see two different manufacturing methods. These different methods will have their own distinct characteristics. One of the methods is what is known as cast stretch. This is being done by utilizing a cast extrusion process. The whole process will start with granular resins being fed into a screw barrel that is heated. The process will include melting and extrusion through a flat die. The material will then go to a chill roll where it will subdue and resolidify. All of these processes are continuous.

Another manufacturing method for stretch films is what is known as blown stretch film or blown film. This one utilizes a blown film extrusion process. A thin-walled tube is formed once the plastic is melted. Air is then introduced through a hole in the center of the die. This will help blow up the tube like a balloon which is also vital in cooling the film down. The result of this is a tougher and more resilient film due to the higher mechanical properties that it will have. What you will get with this one is a film that has a better holding power and a higher resistance to tear. This is a great option in securing different products or materials against sharp objects.

Manufacturers of stretch films though can experience issues when it comes to the production that they have. This can be caused by a lot of factors including mechanical, procedural and so much more. This is where stretch film training organizations play a very important role. It is them that can offer various services in order to ensure that the whole manufacturing process will be smooth and efficient. Companies like Plastics TouchPoint can offer different services like training, troubleshooting and so much more to different stretch film manufacturers.

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